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Quimilab solutions for your laboratory

Microscopios | QUIMILAB

Our team and I personally pledge to you to find the optimal solution in the laboratory, in addition to back it widely with service. if the content of our website, you do not find what you need, we ask us to do so and we guarantee that you will get a quick response.


Our Brands

Some Laboratory Equipment


camaras de estabilidad, reparacion de equipo para laboratorio

sistema de lavado de gases, reparacion de equipo para laboratorio
*Microscopios  *Microscopios Digitales

*Microscopios Epifluorescencia 

*Microscopios Basicos

*Environmental Chamber

Enviromental chamber with digital tempera­ ture control operated by microprocessor with non-volatile memory and double display, one for  the programmed  temperature  and another for the temperature of the chamber.

lncludes: Humidity relative monitor with alarm from 1O  to 99% controlled by humid trays.

PHOTO PERIOD: Programmable Timer.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: 5°C  to 50°C with lamps On or Off.


120 Volts 50/60 HZ


Gas  scrubber   is  a  compact   equipment   that  uses steam condensation and neutralization principie.

 lt allows you to obtain clean air, discharge through the steam flow.

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